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Large Concession: Large Pedestal Poppers

Cretors pedestal poppers install on either the bottom of a popper cabinet or onto a production table. These popping kettles are constructed of stainless steel, or nickel-plated all steel which resists corrosion and is easy to clean. The one-piece kettle design includes a direct-inject oil feed which eliminates messy oil spills. The kettle cover comes apart easily with our tab and pin design. The improved raised pan center prevents motor damage caused by oil leaks. Our low maintenance design includes a single thermostat that provides excellent temperature control. Install kettles on oany one of four popper tables or in one of four popper cabients. Stainless steel kettle option is available for 32 and 30 oz. size kettles. Optional controls include salt/sweet switch to produce salted corn or sweet corn, One-Pop button that automates the popping cycle, and One-Pop with Counter that automates and records the number of popping cycles. Poppers are available with gas or electric power sources.

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